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Smart functionality for
on-site intelligence.

A modular add-on system built for safety helmets to augment the user experience with a myriad of new tools.


Unlock a number of features instantly accessible with a CrossWare installed helmet.

Head-Up Display (HUD)

Crossware’s HUD features a dual screen system that makes it easy to see information as you work. The HUD’s video, image, and text information are visible and project a clear image even in poor lighting conditions. The HUD image can be zoomed in and out using a touch panel.

Touch Panel

The touch panel on the CrossWare is the main means of Interacting with the HUD. Through quick intuitive gestures users can switch modes, functions and alter display settings in seconds. Available gestures include directional swiping, tapping, and long holds.

QR Scanner

The CrossWare camera is able to easily recognize and read QR codes when connected to the internet. When used in the field, CrossWare will automatically download and display the corresponding data on the HUD. 


We know how important it is to keep notes and the difficulties encountered mid-task. The CrossWare’s built-in microphone allows for hands free recording of voice messages that are automatically transcribed into text memos and posted within the web application for easy review. 

LED Flashlight

Four strong LED lights can be toggled via the touch panel, lighting up the workspace, foot path, or providing better image clarity for camera captures.  

Web Application


On the web application you can manage images and videos uploaded from the helmet. Users can also assign an operator, who will be able to track helmet location, view camera stream, make voice contact, as well as send images, videos, and audio to the user’s HUD.

Technical Specifications

A smart device built to adapt to every users individual demands. 

Hours of USE


Storage (GB)

Protection Rating




Field of VIew

Display Size

Display Pixels

Brightness (NT)



In Detail


  • Research and Development
  • Product Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Part Sourcing
  • Production

Past & Present



Borderless Inc Founded

Borderless Inc. was founded in Tokyo, Japan by Arata Oono, a passionate motorcycle designer who saw an opportunity in the helmet industry for new innovation.


CrossHelmet Crowdfunding

The Borderless team launched its first successful crowdfunding on Kickstarter followed by Indiegogo, Makuake, and Zeczec, raising over 1.5 million USD.


CrossWare on Indiegogo

CrossWare will be making its debut on the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, in late 2022.


CrossWare in Stores

After fulfilling crowfunding orders, CrossWare will launch globally, available in retail, as well as through mass order.


The Borderless Team

Borderless is a design and engineering firm, started by Arata Oono in 2012. While we have handled design for many clients, the CrossHelmet is our first product and the backbone of the company.  With the sucess of the CrossHelmet, we have decided to explore other industries using our innovative HUD system.

CrossHelmet X1

The inspiration of the CrossHelmet X1 came from the discomfort of wearing a full-face helmet and the lack of major progress in the helmet industry in the past few decades. Our team launched and delivered the CrossHelmet X1 smart motorcycle helmet on several crowdfunding platforms in 2017-2020, raising over $1.5 million USD. It has been featured in many established motorcycle magazines, TV networks such as the Discovery Channel, and we have held many testing and try-on events at CES Las Vegas, ECIMA Italy, as well as in motorcycle retailers like Harley Davidson.  With our team of engineers and designers, our experience creating products, we are confident in our ability to deliver high quality products in a reasonable time frame.

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